05 May, 2007

Remember the old days of JP?!

Does any one still remember the big old days of JordanPlanet, and Jordan Planet meetings who were always a place of exchanging blogospheric views!


kinzi said...

I remember that one! (back when I didn't know there were TWO Nas') It seems a different generation now, but there was a small group who met Thursday to greet Iman, it was like the old days!

palforce said...

Howcome JP could bring in Bruce Lee & Ragheb and Jb can't?!

Anonymous said...

I can't say I miss those days, not after the new blogospheres blossomed did I realize how unrepresentative JP was of jordan's blogging communities. i think JP, had it been the only Jordanian blogosphere, may have continued to send a distorted view of Jordan and Jordanians, considering it was in english mostly. the star bloggers were neither liberal not traditional. it was a total misfit on the Jordanian spectrum of political, social, and personal views. i am glad we now have a more Representative, albeit not perfect, cross section of jordan.

Moey said...

I miss it too man, I feel you.

nasimjo© said...

anonymous, 1st of all im talking about the meetings here. in the meetings both people from JP and outside were attending, and the blogosphere used to move to fact-to-face discussions.
in advanced stages of JP, there used to be even communist and islamist bloggers in JP. but non of them attend any of the meetings, and non of them were (in my opinion) ready for confrontation even!
So I guess its better to blame it on people rather than JP as JP.. coz the same thing is happening in other aggregators around, they are mostly just blog aggregators, end of the line. confronting peers with what you write in your blog is pretty different.

Moey, u missed the "good" times btw.!

Palforce, simply because the JP meetings werent just for socializing, Bruce Lee, Ragheb, and the aliens do not really have that much free time just to meet up in a fancy place to chit-chat and socialize, mostly with people they know! I guess!