22 July, 2007

هل نحن مستعدون لنقل العبدلي!

شكلوا ما حدا فكر بالــ "سايد إفكت" يا اخوان....

طلاب الجامعة الأردنية من سكان محافظات الشمال سيدفعون وقت و أموال زائدة، و بسبب ذلك ستزداد

الأزمة كمان! على دوار المدينة الرياضية

مراجعوا المدينة الطبية من سكان محافظات الشمال سيدفعون وقت و أموال زائدة، و بسبب ذلك ستزداد الأزمة كمان! على دوار المدينة الرياضية

عدد كبير من سكان محافظات الشمال يتوجه الى وسط البلد، حد فكر فيهم

سكان اللويبدة، العبدلي، الشميساني، الحسين، الداخلية المتوجهين الى الجامعة الأردنية و صويلح، حد فكر فيهم

"قريبا سيتم فتح خطوط من مجمع الشمال الجديد الى بيادر وادي السير و دابوق و رغدان و المدينة الطبية"

حلو كثير، بس لوقت هذا القريباً شو بدها تساوي العالم

شكلوا لازم ينقلوا جسر الداخلية الثاني لدوار المدينة الرياضية

هذا عدا عن الملايين اللي لسا واقفة على دوار الداخلية لهسا، و اللي لسا واقفة على دوار صويلح لأنه كل باص بروح ما برجع! ولا نسيت أنه كلهم معلقين عدوار المدينة الرياضية


هاظا البوست برعاية و حنان أيهاب الحكواتي و أبو الفوز ، اللي لساتهم عدوار الداخلية


abu_alfouz said...

ana w9lt mn shwai!
Ehab w9l?

nasimjo© said...

w9l using a taxi... he walked to Jabal Al-Hussein and got a taxi from their

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

tab3an erda2 el nas 3'aya la todrak ... bas el 3abdali lazem yetla3 men el downtown ... and believe me Tabarbor will be down twon in a few years ... of course change is always hard ... then we cope ...

Anonymous said...

I think they should have kept a mini Abdali for some essential lines connecting downtown, even if they made it underground (underneath the planned park).

nasimjo© said...

isam, its not that i'm against moving the bus terminal, but i'm against the fact that the authorities didn't prepare their self for it!

anonymous, the park to be replacing the old bus terminal is a "Trees Park" not a "Car Parking lot" :)

Emad Salameh said...

Great topic to be discusses and I am glad someone is concerned about transportation and traffic in Amman.

I totally agree:

- The basics of the problem is the Abdali project which shouldn't exist in that location. More can be found here

- We need more green parks in Amman not more high rise buildings which will cause more traffic. More can be found here:
More can be found here

The new GAM strategy need to be studied more.

Anonymous said...

Nasim: I know, but it is still possible to have a trees park on the street level and a bus station underground underneath it, its probably costly, but quite doable.

Emad Salameh said...

Streets under the city of Amman? I am sorry but that's so unrealistic considering the feasibility of building under the ground a subway or a street. Maybe keeping the terminal but building a roof garden above the bus shelters!

Emad Salameh said...

The "link to this post" is not working can you fix it? I would like to post this topic in my blog: http://ammanvoice.blogspot.com

nasimjo© said...

anonymous, I agree with emad about this not being realistic.

anyway, emad, the link to this post is this "http://nasimjo.blogspot.com/2007/07/blog-post.html"

as for ur earlier comment emad, I dont think the abdali project is related to this, as the terminal's movement was planned way before.

while about the GAM strategy, they do actually accept direct feedback about each and every part of the master plan as discussed directly, and accept comments during a 2 months period from discussing the sub-part.
they are very cooperative and positive about discussing it with the nation, which i guess is not available even the gulf areas.