04 July, 2007

Radio Jordan Broadcasting's Role, Trust any one?! الاذاعة الاردنية، من يثق بها!

Analyzing the Jordanian Radio Sphere for the past couple of years or so, alot of radio stations got their way into the airwaves, not only radio stations owned by media companies and individuals, but also ones owned by official state depts and institutes.

Examples on those last ones would be: Fann FM, owned by the Jordanian Armed forces. Amen FM, Owned by the Police Dept. Sawt Ma'an, owned by Al-Hussein University. Yarmouk FM, owned by Al-Yarmouk University. and even the Greater Amman Municipality is planning to open a new "municipality radio" which will be most probably a "community radio". and even the Ministry of Awqaf took over "Radio Quran" partially, and opened local stations in Irbid and Aqaba.

So, where did the role of the Radio Jordan Broadcasting go, with the state's official "Radio Jordan", meaning by this the official Amman Radio, not the FM radio stations that make part of Jordanian Broadcasting Corporation , working in a commercial like way.

Weren't the Jordanain armed forces or the police dept having enough trust regarding Radio Jordan Broadcasting.
Did those at King Hussein University in Ma'an really trust Radio Jordan Broadcasting to evolve their community and empower its people, or did they prove its local failure after the Army's Fann FM broadcasting in the area, deciding to open Sawt Ma'an.

is really Radio Jordan Broadcasting reaching out the nation!

And what the greater amman municipality really think about starting up a radio station, and not rely on Radio Jordan Broadcasting in reaching out the residents of amman..... actually, the GAM never even had its news and council meetings aired on Radio Jordan Broadcasting, since they were always broadcasting them on Radio Amman Net, ever since it's broadcast was through the internet only.

share you point of view about your trust in Radio Jordan Broadcasting, or (Al-Etha3a Al-Ordonya - الاذاعة الاردنية),,,, and what do you think about the official state dept and institues relying on their own media rather than the state owned official radio station.

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