07 November, 2007

The Amman City Blog's Official launch

Well, no, Its not a late piece of news, since you'd have for sure already read about it on the day of the launch via jazarah.net, or via alrai newspaper yesterday.... Its just the other side of the story! all this in small tips and notes:

- The Amman City Blog was launched (http://www.ammancityblog.com/main/)
- The event started with a 15 mins delay.
- Only 2 bloggers have attended! (me and samer).. ah, well, and the jeeran bloggers as well.
- The newspapers agents asked silly questions.
- Samer spent quite a time taking photos of the microphone in front of him :D
- The Mayor apologized, and didn't attend the launch
- Al-Rai newspaper's piece of news has the following fatal errors:

فيما زاد عدد المدونين منذ اطلاق المدونة قبل اسبوعين على 5 آلاف شخص: المقصود هو زوار المدونة و ليس عدد المدونين
وقال امين عمان المهندس عمر المعاني .... : عطوفة الأمين اعتذر عن الحضور
ودعا المواطنين إلى استخدام المدونة .... :عطوفة الأمين اعتذر عن الحضور


salam said...

yeee....glad I didn't go, i was planning to !!

HalaTaha said...

Nasim, is the glass half empty or half full ? :)

Amman is the first city in the region to get a blog of its own where the citizens can talk directly to the mayor; that alone overcomes the minor issues you mentioned.

P.S: If you want to mention the negatives, you forgot to mention that the internet connection broke down! :-)

Anyways, we really appreciated that you showed up.

nasimjo© said...

hehe ... hala .
I just wanted to show alternative tips about the event... I didnt want to mention what was already mentioned, so i just linked it out.. and added tips that werent mentioned :)

the connection thingy is something very usual in jordan :D hehe,, u cant have an event without it!

so its neither negatives nor positives im mentioning, it just a bigger picture, in which the already mentioned pictures are included!

Thanks for the invitation....