19 November, 2007

Watchout! New speed radars :)

Yup, I just like it when we become closer to europe in some stuff around here.

I've mentioned those like over a week ago, but being too busy prevented me from blogging it. I've got loads of posts in my head, and i aint finding time for them.

So, The traffic police department starting since about a couple of weeks to install a new generation of speed raders, installed on police cars.

The new radars have mainly 3 parts, the radar it self installed in the front grill of the car.
a camera on the car's board, at the bottom of the front windscreen.

And a monitor inside the car that has the information mapped between the camera and the speed radar, and, at the same time recorded.

The nice thing that i liked most is, that I saw those new radars installed on normal cars with private license plates :)

yup, the cars are colored in golden, brown, and maybe other colors, i saw just a couple last week, and they have regular white plates, and they are small Chevrolet Aveo even :)

Next time you are exceeding your speed over 80 KMs/H, look into your mirror, look at the parked cars alongside the street, look at the cars coming from the opposite direction. then press that pedal!

I guess this is the only cure for those selfish drivers who care only about pressing the pedal, and who do not look at the others on the street, and do not look into their hearts in order to decide weather it is good to exceed the speed limit or not.


kinzi said...

Heh-heh, they are finally getting serious about boosting the government coffers with speeding tickets! At one point, I knew economics would win. No wasta with radar.

Jad said...

This is a great move.