07 November, 2007

The Rea' takes over the 5th element on Play 99.6! Why do we need foreigners taking over our DJs!

The 5th element, one of the, let me call it, pioneer radio shows across the middle east, as i stated once upon a time on this blog. Is a specialized radio show in Rap, Hip hop, and R'n'B that started ever since the early days of Play 99.6, by Dj Shadia Bseiso.

The Show got famous, and its presenter and spinner too ... so the show started to appear on Radio One Lebanon. And DJ shadia started getting a pan-arab reputation, and got to be part of several performances in Jordan, Lebanon, the GCC, and even Algeria, and maybe other places that i didn't get to know about!

Now after i got back from abroad last September, I mentioned that the 5th element is not any more on Play 99.6. instead, is the Rea' (or whateva it is called), a similar radio show by DJ Swerve. Who used to, by the way, one of the main supports of Dj Shadia and her show, with either jingles, remixes, and exclusive stuff!

I didn't contact shadia nor the management of play yet about this issue, and didn't want to ruin my wonders About this change!

I mean, the 5th element was going towards a bigger and bigger pan-arab scope, and i would have love to see this show being sold to radio stations across the middle east .... and now, its not being aired any more on the station where it 1st started!! here in jordan, on Play 99.6

By this, Play 99.6 has almost no more jordanian DJs! I already have a critique about the fact that Play, as well as other western radio stations in town are depending on non-jordanian staff to appear on the air!!!

Now i know that Dj Shadia does study in Beirut, and that the show is being recorded in Beirut's Radio 1 most of the time! When it is done, that is, since sometimes I used to find that the same episode of show is being aired for more than one week, or that the show is just a set of songs mashed up together.

But still .... i dunno ,,, that's not how things should have been or ended!

Is Dj Swerve's show less expensive for Play 99.6 than Dj Shadia's!!!!!

Maybe Dj Shadia has no problem with Swerve taking over .... but, I'm showing off a listener opinion around here...

Why are we still facing those couple of issues on the jordanian airwaves, substituting a Jordanian personnel with a foreigner, and the fact that we do still have radio shows that keep flipping on most of the radio stations (well, it doesn't happen that often to be mentioned on most of the radio stations,, but it still happens, just like that ... with a simple tick!) !

Drop your 2 cents in here regarding this issue..

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