19 January, 2009

JEA's laziness campaign will not support Gaza!

The Jordanian Engineers Association (JEA) has been announcing in the local newspapers and through SMSes to its members to have a 1 hour of no work between the hours of 12-1 PM, as solidarity for Gaza! as they call it!

How will laziness support Gaza!!!!!!!!!
Everything can be a support for Gaza except for this! since when being lazy and not working became a way to win a war! or to support the people of Gaza!



Juhar said...

It's disgusting when people use the suffering of Gazans to score political points.

Yes, i am talking about you.

nasimjo© said...

How is it that you are talking about me! I don't have any political interests or agenda. and you don't know me even!

Plus, what is the political part! even if the government, or even the UN, would have called for that i would have posted the same post, i am talking about a concept! this one is called "Laziness"

nothing more, nothing less!

joladies said...

they should work an extra hour or go and volunteer to pack goods at Aramex for Gaza.