27 January, 2009

My Radio Segment, Episode 4

This week's episode is available for download HERE, and for listening on the listen icon.

ListenIn this week's episode, i started with 2 worth-to-mention radio activities that made an obvious effort in supporting the people in Gaza, especially since i was talking last week about the CHR radios and the big rate of competition between them in all fields. The competition between them “human-wise” reached its peak this week, other than the regular calls for donations being aired on their airwaves.

The 1st one was Play 99.6's charity concert, Gaza Calling, featuring several Jordanian and Palestinian artists. Which was held on Saturday the 17-1-2009, and which i have told you about in details 2 weeks ago in my 2nd episode. The outcome of this charity concert was a successful 11,000 JD of donations, that went through the Jordan River Foundation's campaign for helping the people of Gaza. This one by Play 99.6 was probably the biggest campaign or act from any Jordanian radio station for supporting the people in Gaza, 11000 JD is really a success, and worths much more than a thousand news bulletin or a thousand hours of repeatable talking about Gaza, for its people and solving the conditions they have reached.

While the 2nd act was Spin Jordan's Musical Documentary about Gaza, which was aired on Tuesday 20-1-2009. Yes, a Musical Documentary, we might have never heard such a production on the Jordanian airwaves before.
This show was pretty well prepared and attractive, not only interesting in its way of discussing and tackling what happened in Gaza through Jordanian and Palestinian artists and their music discussing the situation out there, especially the Arabic & English rap and hip hop tracks they have created about this situation. But also in the notable quality of production. Its also worth mentioning that some of the artists featured in this documentary were featured in Play FM's charity concert.
The documentary included interviews and discussions with those artists, as well as tracks by them for this cause, and their opinion about how their music can affect this cause.

And maybe this is the 1st time we ever such a kind of Arabic revolutionary/national music, one in both Arabic and English, of the hip-hop style, on the Jordanian airwaves, on either Arabic or English speaking radio stations.

In the show, I have made a combination of about 6 minutes out of Spin's Documentary of 30 minutes, you can hear that by downloading the show and listening to it.

Back to what we heard on the Jordanian airwaves during last week.

On Radio Al-Balad, and during the evening news bulletin on Saturday 17-1-2009, the microphone fell down in the middle of the bulletin on the airwaves, which was presented by colleagues Hamze Soud and Dana Jebreel, which was Dana's 1st ever bulletin on the airwaves even. [sound clip attached].

Another troubler microphone was the one on Spin Jordan, on Tuesday 20-1-2009's morning show with Leena Ghanem, where she has forgotten her microphone ON and running without even lowering the level of its sound while playing a track after she finished talking. Apparently, Leena was talking on the phone with someone, and everything she was saying was going on the airwaves over the song, all of this, at 7.40 AM of that day.

Not only the microphones caused trouble on the airwaves last week, but broadcasting workstations too, as on Radio Farah Al-Nas on Thursday 22-1-2009, instead of having the jingle that was to announce Al-3aser (Afternoon) prayers in Amman Greater Area at 3 PM that day, another similar jingle announcing Al-Fajir (Dawn) Prayers went on the airwaves.

Last but not least, the results of the “Radio Stars Questionnaire” made by Addustour newspaper's youth section were announced in a special ceremony on Saturday 17-1-2009, and the results of this electronic voting campaign came as follows:
Best Jordanian Radio Stations:
1- Radio Fann FM
2- Radio Rotana
3- Radio Sawt Al-Ghad

Best Radio Show:
1- Besara7a with Al-Wakeel on Radio Fann
2- Wenta Mrawwe7, with Mazen Diab on Sawt Al-Ghad
3- 3a Daw El-2ama, with Omar Azzam on Watan FM
AND Shabab 3al FM with Hazem Thaljee on Radio Al-Balad.

Best Radio Announcer (Female):
1- Jessy Abu Faisal, Sawt Al-Ghad.
2- Dezereh Bsaibes, Radio Fann.
3- Randa Karadshe, Mazaj FM.

Best Radio Announcer (Male):
1- Mohammad Al-Wakeel, Radio Fann.
2- Necola Dagher, Radio Rotana. AND, Mazen Diab, Sawt Al-Ghad.
3- Esam Al-Omaree, Amen FM.

Remember that you can contribute too, and send in your comments, feedback and any radio observations on radio@ammannet.net

and note that this segment is being replayed Wednesdays at 4 PM now, beside the basic airplay time, Mondays at 10.30 AM.

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