01 February, 2009

Radio Guide Update: Ahlen FM goes OFF

Finally, the most suspicious and "mute" radio station on the Jordanian airwaves, has went OFF! Ahlen FM is not on our airwaves any more.

Ever since this station went on, in May 2005, it didn't have any sense on the jordanian airwaves, except the non stop western music it was playing, and some recorded shows bought from American Radio Production companies. well, maybe with some added value, by having an RDS service showing us the song and singer titles. But indeed with alot of "going crazy" several times, including just 10 days ago. All associated with the lowest rating in the jordanian radio sphere.

No commercials were being aired on this station's airwaves, well, at least i heard only 1 ad once upon a time, and thats it!

This station, owned by "Al-Dekka Broadcasting Technology", had alot of rumors and suspensions roaming around it and its turkish owners. imagine, the price of licensing, instruments, and constant electricity costs. Just like that, for nothing for almost 4 years.

I still don't know the story behind this station going off air yet, was it sold with the license, was it stopped by it owners, or by the AVC, nothing yet in my pocket. But whatever that was, Yes, we can say that the jordanian airwaves started being competitive enough to kick some people out of the game.

97.1 FM is now clear!


Ali said...

I'm with u man, it's really suspicious! now when you go the the website you get "Welcome to Kenpo Amman". I rally don't know what that is, but they appear to be hiring ppl!

Thanks for the info about the Turkish owners, this explains the weird Turkish songs. I once thought that it was one of those American stations like Sawa, but i dismissed that thought since a lot of the songs played appeared to be pirated (like Kylie songs were played before the albums hit the market, and there was a leak of the album on the internet!)

I hope we can get to the bottom of this. I used to listen to it some times, and i will miss it a bit.

Anonymous said...

I guess it is a lost for Amman.I used to listen to it. I am sad. Who cares who owns it...