23 February, 2009

How Jordanian Radio stations stand against the web revolution!

How Jordanian Radio stations stand against the web revolution!

This question is raised and discussed in today's episode of my radio segment, as well next week's. Broadcasted monday morning , at 10.30 AM throughout the show "Eye on Media" on Radio Al-Balad 92.4 FM

The episodes will be also available through my blog later in the week.

I need to know your opinions about the Jordanian radio stations websites. what do you think about them, who's hot, and who's not on the web! other than the airwaves, and are they up to the competition against 1000s of radio stations on the web?


Qwaider قويدر said...

Every website for every station in Jordan SUCKS big time and appear to be from the 1990's era frontpage designed

In addition, most are really slow in adopting web-casting and don't pay too much attention to it. Although it is very economically feasible.

Aside from that, only PlayFM has a sort-of-but-not-quite a blog to stay in touch with the listeners.
Mazaj has Forums, while everyone else has these obnoxious looking base-colors with dark looking sites. That are not cool and don't represent the culture
Most have facebook accounts and stay in touch with their listeners through it. Although, these should be done through the stations website, but it's a step.

I wish more Jordanian radio stations would pay attention to their FACE, since this is where people look first.

And ya3teek alf alf 3afyeh on the wonderful effort

Nadine said...

I only listen to radio online. Like TV, I have no other means of access. So:
1. If they're not online, I most probably have no clue they exist.
2. If their stream sux, I'm done for a long time - a click away is a world of amazing online radio.
3. The one that has survived with me is PLAY. I'm dabbling on SPIN irregularly.
4. I lost interest in AmmanNet early on coz of programming.
5. I got frustrated from most coz of crappy online service.
6. I tend to only use their websites to click the listen here icon, otherwise not much intrigues me - zero sense of community building. PLAY's cinema listing is useful/easy/quite reliable to use for my once a week need.
7. Would be nice if they created an online presence that was a world in its own right, rather than the companion website that seems to be the current.


Nadine said...

Oh - re ur headline: they don't stand a chance!

a Jordanian Berson said...

i disagree with the first comment Beat Fm's website is full of information and new looking, launched recently-ish

But i do agree that people should facebook less....

Nadine, try this link....


Qwaider قويدر said...

Actually, the exaggerated use of Flash serves the opposite purpose. It doesn't make the site "Modern" and up to date.
I'm not sure if there is even a way to browse the site without Flash (Big bobo)

However, the effort is apparently there, well done. Hope more progress will come from this.

I hope my comments don't offend anyone. Hopefully we'll have better sites with greater services