03 February, 2009

My Radio Segment, Episode 5

This week's episode is available for download HERE, and for listening on the listen icon.

ListenIn this week's episode, i started with an overview of the radio stations interaction with the occasion of His Majesty, King Abdullah the 2nd's birthday.

Starting with Radio Jordan Broadcasting Corporation, which has covered this occasion through all of its working radio stations, the General Public Radio, The English Service, and Amman FM, with special segments talking about his majesty's life and achievements, as well as playing national songs, even during some periods and shows on the English service.

Radio Amen FM as well had special documentary shows for this occasion talking about his majesty's life, mixing those shows, which were mainly long with national music as usual on this station's airwaves.

A notable interaction also with this occasion was heard on Radio Sawt Al-Madina, this started on the Thursday, 29-1-2009's morning show with Dia'a Al-Awaishe, where she dedicated her morning show for this occasion, including interviews and discussions with citizens and personalities that had interacted with his majesty's achievements and development plans during the past years. This station has also dedicated the entire day of saturday 31-1-2009 for this occasion, entitling that as “King Abdullah the 2nd, The Human King”. That is beside a short 15 min documentary about his majesty's life, and broadcasting it during the past weekend.

On the other hand, Radio Fann FM, also had a notable interaction with this occasion, and as usual, Radio Fann had a contribution in a new national song prepared for this occasion, and broadcasting it exclusively before all the other stations, starting Al-Wakeel's Thursday morning show, 29-1-2009. a show that was also partially dedicated for this occasion. Also, Fann FM had a live broadcasting for the celebration made by Mecca Mall for this event.

Other than those above, mentions for this occasion were heard on Radio Hawa Amman, Radio Farah Al-Nas, Sawt Al-Ghad, Mazaj FM, Ayyam FM, and Spin Jordan. And there wasn't any notable mention or interaction on the other stations.

On the Sector's news this week, Hayat FM started broadcasting in Irbid on 94.7 FM, but it seems still on test broadcasting.

Amen FM (The Police Dept Radio Station) has opened a public interaction office in Salt, in the City Hall in particular, in a new step for interacting with its listeners and receiving their notes and observations to be tackled and broadcasted on the station's Airwaves. This way of interaction for radio stations throughout Radio Shops or Radio Kiosks is available in several countries abroad either by public service radio stations like Amen FM, or commercial radio stations even to increase the interactivity and closeness to the stations fans.

Also on the sector's news, a decision has been taken by the Prime Ministry on Thursday 29-1-2009, to refuse the license for Radio “Zahret El-Ghor”, a non-political/non-news community women-agricultural radio station offered by Daoud Kuttab Company, the owner of Radio Al-Balad. The decision wasn't attached with any reasons.

In this week's episode i was planning to discuss the radio stations on the Jordanian Airwaves that do not have any radio shows or interaction with their listeners. Or what i personally like to call, The Mute Radio Stations. And which were 3 stations on the Jordanian airwaves, Ahlen FM on 97.1 FM, Melody FM on 91.1 FM in Amman and 105.5 FM in Zarqa, and Nojoum FM on 93.7 FM.
But unfortunately, the closure of Radio Ahlen FM by the end of last week after over 3.5 years of non stop western music, and only several shows bought from American broadcasting companies, and didn't have any interaction with its listeners, nor any position in the advertisement market.

While Nojoum FM, broadcasting on 93.7 FM in Amman area, and which since it started in July 2007 until now didn't identify its name on its airwaves, but those of you who have an RDS radio can mention the radio station's name on your Radio screen. This station is owned by Al-Dawood group for trade and investment, and is still until now in a test transmission mode with non-stop Arabic music.

Melody FM which has been for over 2 years now on the Jordanian airwaves, and which play's the latest Arabic and western hits on its airwaves, and without having any notable shows on its airwaves, I have spoked on this subject and more with Mr Hadi Antar, CEO of the Jordanian Radio & TV Company – Melody Jordan. [phone call attached], who stated in this phone call that Melody FM will be very soon starting its live radio shows later this year and they are currently working on it. As well as the relation of their radio investment, which is also available in 2 another stations in Beirut and Syria, with their TV stations. The discussions also included a question of how are they interacting with their listeners and getting feedback from them since they still don't have any live shows or live means of communication with their listeners. Listen the show for the answers ;)

Remember that you can contribute too, and send in your comments, feedback and any radio observations on radio@ammannet.net

and note that this segment is being replayed Wednesdays at 4 PM now, beside the basic airplay time, Mondays at 10.30 AM.


eyad said...

what about the radio u r working at ??

radio -al balad had nothing to say or do for the ocassion while they were there for gaza !!! not even a brief mention of the ocassion on thursday,friday or saturday ...

why is that??

nasimjo© said...


1st of all, you should please note that I'm not working at Radio Al-Balad, im an independent person, and Radio Al-Balad is just a host for this segment.

Yes, they didnt do anything on this occasion, and as you might have noticed, i mentioned explicitly that other from the stations mentioned, no other radio station had a mention or a reaction for this occasion. which implicitly includes all the other operating radio stations including radio al-balad. And even the radio station called "Watan FM", and others.

I don't know why is that, you should refer to the station's news editors and program managers, they are the ones responsible for the policy they consider on the airwaves. and my self had the same question as yours in my mind.

Sarah said...

Hi Nasim,

Great job monitoring the radio stations! Visit us at SPIN Jordan and Ayyam FM soon.


Mohannad said...

great show and information my friend ,

Full support