11 February, 2009

Virgin Radio Amman ... Coming Soon! even in the Mall!

Update: Virgin Radio Jordan is on 93.7 FM

I 1st heard the news of Virgin Radio coming to Jordan exactly 1 year from now in February 2008, from a source that used to work with the Virgin Empire. and heard all sorts of ups and down, this and that, chit and chat about it. a couple of things were only confirmed to me, that its coming, and it has nothing to do with ARN the operators of Virgin radio in Dubai.

Finally, Last week we started seeing an existence for Virgin Radio in Jordan , more specifically in City Mall!

This is near the northern entrance of the mall, one empty shop has this on its facade, as if its being prepared to open "Soon, a bright star will rock Jordan" Virgin Radio.

Virgin Radio seem to be coming to jordan with a concept i just discussed in my last week's segment, that is Radio Shops, as it would be made obvious by this shop.

Now i heard that Virgin Radio will be "Yet another CHR station" in Jordan. I still hope not, as the current 4 are more than enough. its like if they are all out of styles! but regardless of that, they are coming closer and closer to the public, and this shop will be a proof!

Note that according to the information i gathered until now, this shop has nothing to do with the Virgin Megastore meters away, as that one owned by Azadea Group.


Anonymous said...


I wanna see thier studio's, Go on Nasim.... Get some inside photos!

I love you.

nasimjo© said...


haha .. trying my best!

Anonymous said...

yes this is from Mango Media camp
Chairman Mekki Mahmoud Abdulla, teamed up with the Jordan media group.

(According to Virgin Radio's website a new Virgin station wil lbe hitting the Amman airwaves by the end of this month.
Aheln FM 97.1 recently ceased its transmission in Amman. I wouldnt be surprised if this is the frequency that Virgin will occupy. )

(Mekki Mahmoud Abdulla he is well heeled in the business of setting up various stations in the region. He also has a clear perception of what radio really is, stating: ‘I love radio; I love that fat sound of a professional radio station. )

nasimjo© said...

anonymous, thanks for the interesting info!

I think it will be going on air on 93.7 FM ... i have a feeling about it ;)

Anonymous said...

Virgin radio will broadcast on 93.7 in less than 48 hours,

tune in

Rawan A said...

HI im looking for a job and i really love virgen radio!!can i get a job their??