25 June, 2005

Hey Man Look@me Rockin' On the RADIOOOOO!

Yeah, I was on LC (Listeners Choice) with Dj Safana Bustami (SAFANA THE BANDANA;) on Radio Jordan 96.3 FM last Friday from 11 – 2 PM.

it's actually my 4th time on the airwaves of a radio station (the whole 4 times were on Jordan FM of course) & the 3rd time on the Funkiest show on the Jordanian airwaves, LC ;) the other time being on the Friday Special.... well, when there was a Friday special on Jordan FM !

It was BaNaNas as Safana says;) I really enjoyed my time in there to the max ... Safana is a wonderful entertainer, freak music lover “yeah like me, a lil' bit more even ;)”, a dedicated hard worker, at the service of each & every listener & tough enough to make her show resist among the jammed jordanian airwaves with all those stations ... keeping her position at the top of the rating. Not forgetting Mudar Momani as a prof Mix Master, & a very highly tech-cultured technician.

LC is just a perfect show... Let's not forget that it is the one & only show on Jordan FM that resisted the “Black Spell” upon Jordan FM last Fall-Winter 2004/2005 ... for all those years of school, adolescence, Tawjihi, & Now Campus... LC was always a show to be tuned in whatever the situation was, during the exams, during the holiday, during meditation, in the Car, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, over Ajlun mountains, on Aqaba seashores, on the Ammani boulevards, on the Desert highway, thru the internet, on the West-European short wave even being in Eastern europe! simply ... it was the Original Sound Track of My Life, along with 10s & maybe 100s of thousands of Jordanians & non jordanians living in or outside jordan.

& Dj Safana is just the perfect entertainer for such a show that was part of all our lives, emailers, callers, or just silent listeners .

to be honest with you, if Dj Safana wasn't on the airwaves at the moment, I think I would have quited listening to Jordan FM at a certain moment of Time,,,, Maybe quited being interested in radio in general... or maybe I was one of those Idiot Junkies sending Stupid SMS to those ****** Musical Arabic TV Stations.

what do I have to say now,,,,,?
3 phrases.....

LC is (a Culture) people, it's not a simple dedications show, it's about how to express your self in music & get to know others thru their music.

Safana the BaNdan@ ,, thanx for everything,, U've got the touch ,, we love you cool dudate :*

I really missed Studio Nr 1 since My last visit in 2002, more particularly 29 Sep 2002 (it was the day I got registered in Uni) ,, & sth deep inside in me really needed to get this visit I did last Friday.

Cool is the Rule....
Keep Rockin' .......

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