29 June, 2005

Wanted Dead or Alive by Microsoft!

yup! I'm wanted Dead or alive by Microsoft!
ok , ok , don't go that far now,, here's the story..

being a very active Open Source activist, & even more active & wild Anti-Microsoft activist in my university ,,, the wildest even .... last week Microsoft Jordan have called the chief of my department at University & asked him to get full information about me, in order to give me a “training” session during this summer @ Microsoft Jordan!!!!!!

They actually have chosen 2 student from the Hashemite University, one is an already graduated colleague of mine, or ex-colleague since he graduated, who was for the past semester the chief of Microsoft .NET club in the Hashemite University & who is a Die hard Microsoftist, & the other is .... ME!

now I don't know why did they really choose ... I mean , I have 10s of colleagues that got deeply into .NET technology & who might be dreaming of such a training session!
hmmm,, god knows whats in those jordanian Microsofters mind !!!

I don't have any details yet .... therefore, I didnt decide whether i'll go for it or not .... but i guess i'll go & give it a shot!
hehe, If they're thinking they can wash up my mind then they must be dreaming , but it's an opportunity that i don't wanna waste .... & who knows, maybe they'll make me increase my Anti-Microsoft campaign by this training session :P

& hey for those of U who don't know,, Im not really that .NET dumb! I'm powerful in VB6 & VB.NET ( & By the way, VB is one of the most things I hate in Microsoft Technologies! its just too stupid!) , & I've V.Good command in C#.NET (which is 100% imitation of Java)...

ahh,, I remember, Dr Tahat, My Dep chief said sth about SQL servers !! hmm,, let's try it! esp that i had MySQL 5.0 on my self study plan during this summer ;)


Nader said...

Well, Grow Up, man, this is a very old stuff.
Btw, If I were u, I would go for it, new information is never bad.

M!R@CHK@ said...

Sounds good enough :) goodluck ;)

mozzy said...

I don't really know what to say.
I am myself pro-open source etc etc but still cannot understand how someone can have so much hate towards Microsoft. They have great technology etc etc ec yadda yadda yadda.

Anyway, as I was reading through your post I got a little angry. I think it is unresponsible - sorry for using these words it is not meant personally - and stupid to avoid learning new technologies. I admit VB suck very much, but it is just the syntax that sucks, only a way to communicate. C# by the way was created for the very Java users to attract them and making their lifes as easy as possible but still keeping C, c++ developers in sight. Of course it has then a lot of similarities with Java!!!!

You should take this course it can only enlighten your horizont.
I wish you very much luck with this, and btw. using .NET does NOT mean that one cannot do open source. Emule for windows is written in .NET!!!

Again, no hard feelings nothing personal just my opinion yadda yadda etc etc

am in a hurry....

Peace....or was it piece?
Well live long and prosper ;)

nasimjo© said...

thanx all4 ur comments..

no i dont think ill gonna miss it, hehe, I got my post in an ironic way i guess.

of course coping with the technology is a must, & I wouldn't have judged Microsoft & switched to an Anti-Microsoftist without knowing their technologies deep inside.

4ex: the more i got into VB, the more i was hating it... til,,,,, I QUITTED IT!

thanx again guys4 the comments, say what ever u want in here,i accept the hardest critics & use them to evolove in this life.

Rami said...

Hi, I am the other "Microsoftist" that was chosen for the training.

Well, let me correct some information here... Microsoft was not running after you my friend, it is just that the chief of the department loves u very much (and me also) that he nominated us for that training. So, don't make a big story of nothing..

BTW, if you hate this training that much then why don't you just quit and let somebody else take that chance, somebody who can make use of it, right?

Another thing, if you are so anti-Microsoft (for whatever reason you have in mind), why were you one of the very firsts to register in the .NET club (I think the 8th)? that's weird

Thanks alot

nasimjo© said...

hey rami ;)

about the .NET club membership, most of the IT students R members in it, & the registration was during the seminar that MS made for launching the club, so, I was one of the 1st 200 or so, hehe.. & whats the relation between being a member in it with having Anti-MS thoughts! those thoughts are mine! & I hv the right to keep them even if i work in MS. its a free world!

I'm just speaking my mind in here...coz I'm planning to make use of it.... hopefully!

I didnt know that Dr Tahat was the 1 who nominated me for it...!!
then he's the behind this interesting mixture between the most Microsoftist with the least microsoftist choice ;)))) Cool!

thanx 4 ur post Rami, & by the way, tell me if anything happenes with this issue coz i didnt get any more information about it.

nice comment,U Rock!

Khaledinho said...

As you said that C# and .NET is 100% immitation of Java,I'd like to say that without C++ there would be no Java.
Another thing I'd like to say that one of the main factors for the development of everything in life is to start from were other people reached.
What's Wrong if Microsoft made use of the Java technology to make a more powerful and easy to use language and framework for development.
I really find it very strange that a Software Engineer find it a bad point if someone made use of an existing technology to make a new one that eliminates its disadvantages and add more powerful features.

For the grading system i agree with you 100%.
Getting A+ in our university is some kind of an impossible mission,epecially that we have to memorize everything and anything,to reach B.Maybe we have to memorize the name of Authors too.

nasimjo© said...

hehe,, thanx khaled 4 ur post....
welcome to my blog mr Kreative :P

no actually this is not the reason that im a Pro-Open source & anti- MS .... I'm an SWE that believe reusability, & even as a main source to evolution & creativity.

while about the other part, yeah, im afraid that's what girls r doin so that they r gettin higher marks than ours ,,, thanx again

BlacK^IcE said...

hey dude, frankly n with no hard feelings...

i used to think that i imagine it, but now im sure of it lol..

u just like to brag about anythin n make big deal of it,...
mr show off!

and i dare u to make a list of 10 positive things about open source of ur own experience, n another 10 negative things about microsoft!

i hope u know what ur really into...
not just "oh i like KDE" hehehehe

narak ya mr ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi to all ... how u all doin fine... i've just received that link from my friend. he wanted to check it ... so i did ;)

unfortunately, i'm not a part of this good work so i didn't register yet
anywayz, after readin all these stuff i felt a little disgusted by the way it was introduced, sorry for all except for nasim cause what i read gave the word "sickness" a big deal. high self-contradiction isn't that good. i do respect technology and i do respect people who work hard. the denial of good work sucks. of course open source is useful and that's one of the reasons it makes it develop fast. but microsoft isn't that bad. cause when u wanna teach a 40 years old man how to do his work on computers he will find it much easier to use microsoft products. i guess being an activist or being against even "good" work reflects weakness or maybe obedience, it's not the story man. we have to be EVERY good thing. overboosting isn't good for u too. go do ur work and stop acting like an 8-year boy who's given a white chocolate bar but he start crying because he like's the black more. exaggeration can lead to ... no hard feelings, but i like to "speak my mind" . as for people who belong to this community, just wanna tell u that u have great work and keep on it. hope i'll join u someday.
take care
"Don ..."