25 June, 2005

The Impossible A+

For those who don't know, my University, the Hashemite University, has changed the grading system from: (A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D, F) that started from 4/4 given for an 'A', and a difference of 0.5 points between each grade, this old grading system has been placed by a so-called “modernized” new grading system starting the 1st semester of the academic year 2004/2005 to be (A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, F) with a difference of 0.25 points between each grade now.

This new system made the weak students have higher marks since the 'D' in the new system equals 1.5 / 4 instead of 1 / 4 in the old one, & made the geeky students drop down since the 'A' now doesn't equal 4 any more but 3.75, & the B+ wont be “such a TAISANE” because it equals 3.25 now ,, I.E. : hell for the GPA!

The biggest problem now is in this A+, maybe the problem is more in the lecturers for understanding the new grading system wrongly so that for the 2nd semester in a row there are lecturers who simply BANNED the A+ with a single explanation “Ma Fee Mostawa!”.

Last semester I had the Algorithms course, in which I was simply The ruler of the course, helping everyone & keeping the lead for my self with about 8-10 marks of difference between me & the 2nd position, & finally I didnt get more than an A in it! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...... what is my fault if all the students in the sections were out of it... it was a simple piece of cake for me, I didnt study on any of its exam ,,, no even the final & everything was going perfect with me!

This past semester the story got repeated with the Operating Systems course, it was an ugly course because this stupid Doc knows nothing about Computers & Operating Systems.. he's at the age of my father, he is a “Jew Iraqi” that left iraq to London & got his PhD there in the 1980s ... I dunno how he got this PhD because he knows nothing about computers. Imagine, he doesn't know the meaning of “FORK” command in Unix systems,,,, to be more accurate he knows nothing but MS-DOS, but even this, he doesn't know that MS-DOS is actually an IBM Operating System that Microsoft simply stole & sold back to IBM! The Guy can't differentiate Disk Scheduling Algorithms, he told us that LRU (Least Recently Used) algorithm is Just Like the Optimal Algorithm where they are absolutely different since LRU looks to the “history” of system calls while the Optimal looks to the processes yet to be fetched!

Damn it! He is so Stupid! besides, he cant compile a proper English structured question tho he spent all those years in England!

The Final exam was more Like “Figure my street Language” Vs. “Remember My architecture course in september!” .... yeah, we had a question in the final that he got us from the Architecture course, & got it only those who took architecture with him (inc me) coz he got it for us in 1 of the exams then, despite it has nothing to do with that course neither !

finally I've collected 87 marks, & My buddy & Linux freak 3amr got 86.... last Wednesday the OS mark was out.... he gave me A, an A- for 3amr ... & dropped the rest of the students less than B ! & of course banned the A+ becoz he is the wise grandpa!

This is what doctors do, & even if they give the A+ they give it to 1 or 2 among 150 students, there are some that give it to who really deserve it even if all the section students do... & that is what is right & how it should be, but unfortunately those lecturers are rare :/
they (The University management) could simply make the A+= 4.25 & let the A = 4 .... by that only the unique & magnificent student would get the A+ which will be a bonus for his efforts without affecting the other hundreds of students,,,

ain't I talking right in here! just tell me dear readers!


Nader said...

No U r not.
Does it really matter if it is an A or B.
I got a B in my AI and i know about more than anyone in class. JUST GET USED TO IT man.
Welcome to the planet btw :)

nasimjo© said...

it doesnt really matter, but in this course I simply did get not even 1 single Piece of useful information!!!!

thanx dude for Ur comment.

Dima Shatara said...

come on it does matter actually...i know it's all about u understanding the subject and materials, but it's nice to feel apperciated and to get what u earned and wht u've worked hard for...been there and it really DOES MATTER:)