21 June, 2005

National Doze of Fine Arts

Earlier this month, walking desperately in Webdeh, looking for IT & Tech companies to apply for training during this summer (I must write a critique-based post specially for this issue: over 80 Tech companies in Jordan,,, or that's what they claim at least!) , I passed by the rehabilitated “National Gallery of Fine Arts” ... for those uncultured people reading my post, this Jordanian National Gallery of Fine Arts exists since 1980, rehabilitated & extended widely this year & officially reopened on the 15th of May.

So, I passed by & decided to give up looking for the damn IT companies & get My self a BIG doze of relaxation & food for my mind & soul , ART!

Now after this reopening, the Gallery consists of 2 buildings, the same Old one which is on the side of the so-called “Park Circle” (dawwar el-montazah) in Webdeh, which doesnt really look as a Dawwar as anyone who doesnt know the area may think! & a completely new building right on the other side of this Park opposite of the old building, & last but not least: what is between the 2 buildings !!!!! Yup , The Park is part of the gallery now! COOL:)

This “National Doze of Fine Arts” as U may call it now also includes a terrace Cafe on the roof of the new building, titled (Point of View) the terrace has a view on Southern Webdeh & Jabal Amman, awesome! it also includes a Cafe & a Restaurant on a side of the park, this was yet under construction when i passed by on the 1st of June, it looked a nice place, especially with the nice smell of Lime Trees around it, & by the way, it is called “Canvas” ,,, very artistic title, even in Soft-Arts for us ITers ;) Not forgetting a Library in the new Building & a Zara Gift Shop Branch in the Old one.

Talking about the park, which is the Link Between the main 2 buildings, the Park is just Perfect, it has well managed Play Area for the kids, Very Clean, Information about each & every Planted item in it (which are all water conservative plants),also includes a Japanese Garden, an Open air stage, & a fountain, I guess its Andalusian..... in brief, Just PERFECT!

Unfortunately,I didn't had that time to tour all around this Doze of Art & Culture since I had to go home having to complete a ton of projects & with the finals around the corner. So I had the chance to enjoy the Old Building only & in a hurry!! but the 3 floors of the old building took me over an hour! really magnificent, I stared at one of paintings about 15 minutes despite it was simply (a woman facing a blank wall & giving her back to the viewer, with chock X/O game on the wall!!) ,,, believe it or not, I've discovered even the 5th dimension in this painting!!!!

I invite U all to this nice artistic & cultural place in the artistic heart of the Capital, Webdeh. I will be dedicating a big part of this time for this nice place soon hopefully,if not a full day maybe; it really worths it! & for those couples reading my post, try discovering your partner from the deepest point in his/her personality in this place.

Before ending this long post, The gallery deposits just over 2000 artworks from 85 countries, so expect artworks to be changed each in a while. The gallery is open all days but Tuesday 9 – 19 & Fridays 10-17 , entry is free for students & artists, 1 JD for Jordanians & 3 for non residents.

Go & discover the deepest point in your self!


Roba said...

Nasim, I am sooo happy to find that there is a Jordanian that has enjoyed the National Gallery! I have been going around "advertising" the gallery for ages, but no one seems interested! We are indeed an uncultured society.. Quite sad..
I did a review of the National Gallery a few months ago, you can check it out here.
I do not like the fact that you have to pay to enter though, people are not interested in arts bedun il wasta! I did go the other day though and they didn't ask for an entrance fee, so hopefully they got rid of that.
Welcome to Jordan Planet. I am sure you will enjoy your stay.

nasimjo© said...

beleive U me they didnt ask me either for anything !!! I'm the 1 who asked about entrance fees !

hmm! I wonder how i didnt come by Ur post!! I'm one of ur blog readers ,,, it was in those May busy days of mine ,,, ur post was on the 23rd of may apparently, which was my 2nd exams period, whilist I was searching 4 training as well! so I skiped that period from all my fav blogs not only urs ....

thanx again for ur comment ... & hey , keep up the great work ,, I saw some of ur creativity products in ur blog :) what shall i say, just proud to hv such a jordanian like u :)