25 July, 2005

The Davinci Code (Part 2)

seems some1 is reading Jordan Planet guys !

The english original edition of The Divinci Code is not banned anymore .. !
yup, U can go & get it from any Aramex Media stand or shop coz its available for less than 10 JDs...

The interesting thing that i've noticed is that the english edition has less Nr of pages & page sizes than the arabic version ...
hehe,,, we arabs are known in "KATRET EL 7AKEE" ;)

I mean why should our patriarchy ask the gov to Ban it while it's available in the mainly "Christians countries" without any problem ,,,,

Thank god some1 is reading us ;)


madas said...

why was it banned to start with? there is nothing to be banned about it

nasimjo© said...

ask who asked to ban it !!!!

Thx 4 ur comment Madas