12 July, 2005

KsCD – The Smartest CD Player EVER!

If u happen to have Linux, with a KDE Graphical Interface, check your programs Menu or packages again coz U might just Have it!

KsCD is one heck of a smart Powerful CD player software, provided by KDE, despite it's a very simple small Software that does nothing but playing Audio CDs, It's not a MultiMedia Player. I really couldn't find any MM Win32 Software that has this specialized power in Playing Audio CDs. AT ALL!

here's what is sooooo good about it:
– Scratched skippy CD? No Problem, KsCD has that strong Control upon the CD drive Hardware making the best out of it. Many of My old Rewind CD-R CDs that are running Badly on Softwares like Jet Audio & Windows Media Player, not to mention regular CD players & Diskmans that give an error at start up, Just Go Perfect on KsCD, I can still remember how impressed the 1st time I ran a CD on it on My Mandrake Linux.
– on Any, Absolutely Any Win32 CD player SW, u'll be annoyed by a pop saying you aren't connected to the internet & That You must Connect in order to Have Your CD Track Tags,,,, the SW will keep annoying U until U try to shut this service down from the Softwares settings.

Here, Just pop the CD in,, & THERE You Go, The Artist, the Album
Title, & The Entire LIST of all the Tracks!!!!!!!!!!! weather Your CD is original or a CD-R , HELL YA, Your Getting It ALL!

Well,Ok, not really, but it does with having Internet (Don't Tell Me that I might have connected,,, I DONT HAVE A FIXED PHONE LINE!), The Thing Goes That as well as Your CD-R was compiled using an Audio CD Burner from Files on Your PC, the Name of the Original Files U have burned Your CD from (& Dont worry, I'm not talking about CDs burned locally nor Files tracks that already exist on my PC) & If U happened to give a name of Artist & Album for Ur Compilation, Yes it will Appear ;)

& indeed if U happen to have copied from an Original CD, The Original CD Info will be inherited & will appear on the KsCD while playing the Copy, & indeed the Original CD, which will Sure been compiled & Made using high enough Tech so that U'll be able to get some Artist info embedded as well :)

Of Course KsCD have the Internet DB source as well, but simply without U getting annoyed by 10s of Pop Up Msg Boxes making U guilty of not being connected, khalas if no internet, thats it!
You too can get into this DB supporting KsCD, simply goto : http://freedb.org

it's just that this lil piece of SW stuck in my mind for all those years, & It really deserve to talk about.

Think Big, Think Linux, Cause there's a Penguin for Everyone ;)
PS: Despite KsCD is not a new Software or invention , I just wanted to talk about it for the respect I keen for it!

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