13 July, 2005

Radio Guide Update: Karakee Private Station, Soon...!

About 8-10 days ago, Mr Rakan Al-Dhmoor , an ex-technician & professional in Radio Jordan Broadcasting Corp. had his dream of making a private local station visible in front of his eyes,,, just around the Corner let's say :) ... that is when he made a test transmission of his yet-to-open local radio station in Karak with some “not that great” instruments , but fare enough to cover Karak's Area & villages around within a range of 4 KMs.

It's not declared yet when the station will start, nor the official frequency it will be broadcasting on, but I know that this will be the 1st Local Private Radio Station. That will, as declared cover the local events & activities, beside broadcasting Local news & public messages.

Interesting, right ?! what shall I say Hoping for better Radio Services for the public in Jordan,, Way to Go!!!

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