02 July, 2005

The Davinci Code

Finally I got my hands on this book that made a big noise all over the world.

I've been annoying those at Aramex Media since ages about it. & they keep telling me that the patriarchy has asked the government to ban it.

& Finally I got it yesterday from Prime Megastore (one of my favorite places that i spend hours in).

actually i got the arabic-translated version of the book, when asking about the original english version they told me: “Nope, That 1 is banned!”

anyway, I got the book.. it's on my “to read” list for this summer.. so if any of U dear readers get into one of those urban buses & find a guy holding this book while sitting or standing... this shall be me ;)

& hey, Prime got a Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide bunch of new albums, all fresh & new... I hvn't been to prime since the beginning of the finals, I was really surprised with the new collections they got: the got the latest by Gorillaz, ColdPlay, Nine Inch Nails, Sepultura, Oasis ... & Much much more.... it worths a visit if u havent been there for the last 2 weeks or so.


Fattoush said...

I read this book a couple of months ago,it was really interesting.The "story" about the mentioned characters is not better that any other good mystery story,but the unconventional interpretation of the history of christianity drove most of the attention and criticism.It is still very controversial even here in europe,I don't think that the translated version has all the details that the original has!and if it does it won't make any sence banning the original..right?anyway am looking forword to read what do u think about it when ur done..and try not to get confused about what u read ;)

SugarCubes said...

Hey if you can recommend some good new songs please do! thanks

About the book, don't get your hopes too high, nothing is so special about it. I mean, yea it was good but its nothing more than a thriller and by the time you're done with 70% of the content you're bored and your patience is really running out.

Ex Pat Ranting said...

Haven't read this particular book but I have the prequel(?)/sequel(?) book - Demons and Angels. Its a good read and interestingly enough, we went to a friends wedding in one of the churches mentioned in the book (just off Piazza Navona). I finished it a while ago and its looking for a new home. Let me know if you want it.

nasimjo© said...

thanx 4 ur posts u all...no i dont think ill get confused about the book, since i've already a very high culture about "behind the seen" organizations that R ruling the world!

i didnt start it yet,i hv boring subjects this summer sem so ill get use of the time inside the lecs ;P

sugarCubes , u can always find whats playing in my headphones on the right of the blog,,& u can always get to hear a wide range of my collection on the Middle of the road show with DJ Safana each & every Tuesday 8Pm - Midnight on Jordan FM 96.3.

I do strongly recommend Coldplays latest album, wonderful.... if ur a hard rocker the latest By system of adown is WOW!

J Lo's latest is a V. Good Production.

& for relaxation Tori Amos's latest album (The Beekeeper) is WWWOOOOOOWWW !!! it moves u to the U-Topia for real!


mozzy said...

There is one thing that makes me somewhat thinking. If the english version of the book is banned, o really think tht the arabic version is the same???

Just a thought... ;)

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

the divinci code, and notice i refuse to use capitals, is a insult to your intelligence and religion and for what hope mankind can have and it is gross, dirty,cheap, low jouralism and absolutely pathetic. if your were to attack any other religion and history you might be bombed, so taking advantage of peace loving people who praise a divine higher power who wants nothing but positive for everyone.

nasimjo© said...

Hmm,what intelligence and what religion.... each and every peace of information in this book is written in the Quran, Qumran Scripts, and many many books.
The difference is that those many other books are old and hard to get, even if u'll find any, ull see that they are ignored in their libraries...
Shame is what i can say!