13 July, 2005

Radio Guide Update: Radio Amman Net 92.4 FM

A new Station starting on 92.4 FM (yup, another bad frequency gap, only 0.4 Mhz to Mood FM's 92.0 FM) , anyway, the station of course is transmitting in the capital on this wave & It's called (Sout Al- Mojtama3) Radio Amman-Net ... that is “Voice of Society” in English, & It is the FM station Radio Amman-net announced earlier this year it will be releasing. The station is still in it's very beginning of Soft opening, it will be a Public Service Radio,, as Radio Amman Net was & still on the Internet, a PR FINALLY!!

I hope it's soft Opening wont last forever like some Arabic stations that are on the airwaves since 3-4 months now & still not announcing their name on air even! just playing non stop music all the time without any action! nor even Jingles to promote their selves ! just Tune-in to 97.1 & 99.9 for 2 hours each & try to figure out their names!!!! U wont if u haven't check my Radio Guide !! like if their owners payed the license money, bought all those transmission stuff & forgot all about it!

I’m sure Amman Net won’t go that way, it’s already "ON" for several years thru the internet & Finally we’re having Amman Net FM.

Thanx for Mr Dave Kernick from the BBC for his feedback on my Radio Guide.

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