12 March, 2008

BAJD ... Delegated for Jordanian Bloggers

For a person who has spent his day fixing damn security and auditing bugs.
& still has over 15 bugs hanging out there to be finished tonight ... the simplest thing i can say about Blog About Jordan Day is:

if (me.stillHasBugs()) {

Excuse me for not being able to separate a sector in my mind for this post.
Jordan in short means to me: Variety, hybridism, & were everything comes together compiling a completely new concept :) & this is what i mostly like about jordan :)

& Thank you jordanian bloggers for making BAJD "THIS BIG" :)

1 comment:

Qwaider قويدر said...

I wish I could help but I have 72 bugs of my own due by Friday!

But you know, the thought is what counts. And you rank so high on that! Thank you for your support