16 March, 2008

Energy FM Vs. Play 99.6 yesterday!

While Energy FM was caught yesterday airing a pirated version of Mariah Carey's "Touch My body", recorded from what seems to be a TV show, with a bad quality, while its still test transmitting.

Play 99.6 bought exclusive airplay rights of the new track by Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland "4 Minutes"... which has actually leaked out in europe.

Just a rumble! and an observation of the airwaves for yesterday!

Update [19-3-2008]: As you might be able to see in the comment that one of the readers (ahed) had, the new madonna song is apparently still banned from airwaves as Warner music claims, which makes the version aired by Play 99.6 the leaked version.
I heard the song on Beat FM and RJ 96.3 FM as well.


Ruba said...

who cares.

nasimjo© said...

I care!

Anonymous said...


I would like to put the record straight. Both Play and Energy are playing downloaded songs, the official madonna song was played in the UK on BBC Radio 1 by Jo whiley at 2 UK time.
I have heard the version play 99.6 are playing and its the same version from the Internet, but they have edited it, its not the full version.
So to say the have bought the right s to this is stupid, especially as i heard it today on Beat Fm.

Madge Fan said...

All radio stations worldwide were forbidden to premier the song before March 17th, only a few stations premiered it on March 16th but with an official agreement from the record label. Any airplay before March 16th was from the leaked version (which was recorded from FG radio in France) and illegal.

As a Madonna die hard fan, I hate the fact that I was able to listen to the (illegal) leaked version on Play while it was forbidden to be played/shared/uploaded/streamed worldwide! They ruined it!!

nasimjo© said...

Anonymous, wish you had a real name!
thank you for the info, Its just that i posted a rumble of what i've heard, Play said they're playing it exclusively.

But i personally know that Play do airplay license music.

Madge fan, thank you for the very exact information, Yeah, I heard the news about the leak in france in a radio station, after which several european radio stations did airplay it as well.

See ruba.. some people DO CARE!

Ahed (aka madge fan) said...

They might be playing a leaked ripped off FG radio version and say it's exclusive because no one else was playing it then, but the song is on rotation on Ahlein FM and Beat FM. I heard the same "exclusive" voice on other songs on Play a months ago, just like Britney Spears's Gimme More, at a time when the song was played on other stations before Play aired it. With all respect to Play, letting you that I really like their music, I don't think they understand the term "exclusive" properly!

The European radio stations might've played it right after its leak but Warner Brothers asked them to immediately stop it and wait for the official worldwide release date.

nasimjo© said...

thank you ahed for the interaction :)

nasimjo© said...
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Anonymous said...

hi i would like to ask if anyone knows where i can get the names of the songs they play on energy fm