18 March, 2008

Jailing 5 Journalists ... @ 1 shot!

اصدرت محكمة البداية ثلاثة احكام بالسجن لمدة ثلاثة اشهر في ثلاث قضايا مطبوعات لكل من الزملاء طاهر العدوان رئيس تحرير صحيفة العرب اليوم واسامة الشريف رئيس التحرير السابق لصحيفة الدستور والصحفي فايز اللوزي والصحفية سحر القاسم والكاتب عبدالهادي المجالي


The 1st case was against Addustour, its journalist and chief.
The 2nd case was against Al-Arab Al-Youm, its journalist and chief.
Those 2 were because of discussing a court decision and criticizing it.

and the 3rd is against AbdulHadi Rajee Al-Majalee, for an publishing and electronic article about Besher Al-Khasawneh, ex-head of the Jordan Media Center.

Both cases are interesting, the 1st 2 happening after the kings call for not jailing any journalist for discussing a public case. that is, during his Majesty's speech from the Throne inaugurating the 15th Parliament.

While the 2nd being the 2nd case in no time dependent on "stuff" written on an online media! after AmmanNet's case.

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