24 March, 2008

JO Magazine's ignorance of the "Trust Bus Accident"

After the sad accident with Trust's Aqaba-Irbid bus, and the 25 lives lost in it.
and after several bloggers blogged about the accident and Trust Transport Co.... and others who deleted their posts for one reason or another!

I got a phone call from someone at JO Magazine, who was interested in making a feature about this accident, and asked me several question, some were already answered in my blog post, others were further explained, and yet other were exclusively said in that phonecall.

The person didnt call again, and unfortunatelly, when i bought this month's JO Magazine, the topic was totally ignored, not even a single printed line mentioned this accident, its life loses or any abstracts about the story ,,,, not even in the blogs reaction page!


I'm still wondering, what ever happened to the topic, who took the decision behind not publishing anything about it. Did the company or its owners have a hand in that!?

I wanna know!

Can anyone please tell me! ... or dare to tell me!
and i dont think an answer of "It wasn't that much of an important topic" is either logical or accepted!


3esmat said...

Welcome to the Police Kingdom. You want security and stability. That's what comes with it. People getting killed at government hospitals and by government transportation companies.

nasimjo© said...

3esmat ...
please note that your comment is totally in acceptable!

1st of all, you are, apparently a person that doesn't read even 3 continuous lines. unless, you might have known that none of what i wrote has to do with what you commented.

And hey, Trust Transport Co is not government owned, actually, 0% of the transportation sector in jordan is owned by any governmental ministry or dept.

Please learn to read before learning to write!

kinzi said...

Nasim, maybe it was delayed for a future issue? That happens to me fairly often. They have a Facebook group, you could ask there.