17 August, 2008

McDonalds UJ reopens, with Free Internet :)

After the fire incident that happened with McDonalds, University of Jordan branch last march. McDonalds seemed to renovate the entire place and make some major changes in it.

Last week, the branch has reopened its doors, and with new added values for its customers, especially taking into consideration the place where this branch is located and the concentration of students in the area. So they have installed several PCs with Free internet :) also, Free wireless will be available soon.

So I guess in several days, we will be on the map of the world wide "McWireless" and its also not a McInternet cafe like this one in Sweden, where they charge 1$ for 30 Minutes (will, this was back in 2003)

The new arrangement in the store is pretty nice as well, though i didnt like the big LCD thingy with Rotana Clip on it... I felt it a sort of a copy cat!

Smart move McDonalds Jordan, and i'd for sure prefer a McWireless than a McDoos Mr moey :D


Moey said...

don't you dare make fun of mcdoos!


Alaa Hendi said...

go to syria to get McDoos ,worthy :)

alaa hendi