28 August, 2008

Struggling, Profitable work Vs Non Profit activity

Between the tremendous workload at the company, and tremendous activity load (NGO activity load represented in the telematch we at the JRFC are having tomorrow). i am still surviving and struggling despite the over 18 hours/ day of overlapping between both.

The irony of the situation is represented in the fact that the due date of both activities happened to be the end of this week, and for several weeks now i was busy with both of them.

Despite the fact the workload in my career is getting me money in return , especially since i am working on hourly wages now, the non-profit NGO activity i am doing with regards to tomorrow's telematch at the Jordanian Romanian Forum for Culture, is consuming enough from my time and efforts, and even relations with peers and people around me.

I dunno why, but there is something inside me that feels that i should get the best out of me for tomorrow's event. maybe also a reason is the fact that the forum's revenues from this activity will be focused in establishing a public library in our organization's offices in Jabal Al-Weibdeh, to target the local community in that area, especially after the emptiness that occurred when Paris Library (which was even a bookshop and a cafe, and not a library) was turned into a cheap pub!

Don't forget, its tomorrow, 4.30 PM at the Jubilee Schools .. More Information HERE

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