31 August, 2008

Radio Sawt Al-Madina, Dynamism on air!

It was amazing dealing with Radio Sawt Al-Madina 88.7 FM in last friday's "Summer's Telematch" that the Jordanian Romanian Forum for Culture has organized.

Apart from the fact that Radio Sawt Al-Madina had, in my own opinion, dynamically grown and varied to turn into what i would call: “The European Model of Pop culture radio stations”, with very interesting hybridism of news bulletins, hit music (mainly arabic, but some western in some shows as well), and a big variety of interactive shows, youth oriented shows, socio-political talk shows, and specialized shows ... all at one place. But i had a very interesting experience dealing with them as i was looking for a media & entertainment sponsor for the “Summer's telematch”. Which was after i was actually oriented towards having a Western Hit music station to be a sponsor, based on the fact that Western Hit music stations are way much more active when it comes to such acts and events in the jordanian radio market, and noticeable more likable to have live off-studio shows than arabic radio stations in Jordan, which are – in general – either too traditional and public service-like radios, or too non-stop music oriented, and usually not willing to invest in their listeners entertainment to gain further listener-ship and ratings.

But, fortunately, I was turned down by a couple of western hit music radio stations, including a very-bad experience with one of them which kept me hanging to wait for a response for almost a month, that is when the request to the second was late enough, resulting in a negative result due to their commitment in another event. Fortunately enough to let me go for Sawt Al-Madina, who replied positively in less than 24 hours, and offered to do free commercials for the event (including very advertisement for the other sponsors – i am saying that just to tease the sponsors who weren't interested), and, most important of all, offered to do a live show from location. Something which the 1st radio station that i went too called it an expensive operation that doesn't worth the effort, and something they want to be paid for !!! (I guess their personnel wasn't informed enough regarding who he was setting in-front off!!! I guess he doesn't even know how the whole procedure goes and how the transmission is carried!!!!).

El Mohem!

Muhannad Shahwan and Rawan Khalifeh, hosts of the famous youth radio show "HUNTING" on Radio Sawt Al-Madina hosted a live show on location and radio last Friday, doing a magnificent job along with all their staff from location. And not to forget their promotion goodies that they have distributed for the public and participants.

& by the way, the event review can be found here :)

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