01 September, 2008

Radio Guide Update: Spin FM Jordan on 94.1 FM in Amman

Spin FM Jordan, the long waited radio station from Communicorp in Jordan, started broadcasting today on 94.1 FM in the Greater Amman Area. and is soon to broadcast in other areas around jordan.

Apparently, Spin Jordan will be close in style to the Irish Spin 1038, as a hit music station (yes, yet another one!), rather than the Czech Radio Spin (which is specialized in Rap, HipHop, RnB)

Also about the sister station Ayyam FM


Terr0r said...

but i think there is a mistake :)
u've mixed the 2 new stations (Ayyam FM, with Spin Jordan)..
the way i get those stations is:
Ayyam FM on 91.9 FM and
Spin Jordan on 88.3 FM..

just wanted to clear that out ;)

nasimjo© said...

thanks for the notice.

I have rechecked them today, and apparently the frequencies are as follows:

SPIN Jordan frequencies:
Amman - 94.1
Irbid - 88.3
Ma'an - 88.5

Ayyam FM frequencies:
Amman - 91.5
Irbid - 91.9
Ma'an - 91.9

I updated the related posts accordingly

Terr0r said...

thnx :)
but i do have 1 question ! (about Spin) i heard its a British radio station ! is that true !?
if yes, do they have a website or smth !!

nasimjo© said...

As you can read in this link, Spin FM is an irish originated radio station that makes part of the irish group, Communicorp, which has the biggest radio network in europe.

inside you have links to both the irish and Czech Spin FM. i guess they used to operate in the UK as well, stopped for awhile and got back this year.

nasimjo© said...

Correction, Ayyam FM in Ma'an is 92.1 FM