15 September, 2008

Energy FM, killed or resurrected!?

Energy 97.7 FM, the radio station which was lunched just at the beginning of this year, & which started a couple of shows (& not even all the promised and promoted shows yet), was put ON hold by the Al-Kawn's Management!

Apparently, this was the reason behind stopping the shows during ramadan on the airwaves of the radio station, in a period while other radio stations around jordan, both arabic and english speaking. are trying to enrich their programs grid!

Apart from the fact that this hang is doubting the station's position in the market, which, as observed, couldn't really attract that much advertisers even before this hang! & they never even reached 10% of Play FM and Beat FM's weight in the market!

associated with this sudden stop, came the resignation of Adrienne Denaro, Co-Host of the Morning Fix and the station's program manager! & there rumors around about some change in style! why do i feel that this might mean a change from a "Dance Hit Music Station" (which was observed in Energy's style of music during the past months) to a "Hit Music Station" !!! just like the other ones in the market!

Or does it mean turning it into a "Mute" show-less radio station! which i guess it already is!

Or is it just that the jordanian airwaves are having more and more copy-cats around!

lets wait and see!

Update: The Lipstick lunch girls has also resigned. and the show was put on hold


Samer Marzouq said...

too bad, they had a very good start, and I liked the station, hope it will be back.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Here's some more food for thought: http://www.new.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=6539&post=62091&uid=13754909253#post62091
What do you think about this?

Hani Obaid said...

When I'm on night shift I always listen to it in the afternoon before I go to work. There was this show with 2 fun female hosts but I don't even know the name of the show!

nasimjo© said...

Hani, the show was called "The Lipstick lunch", and as you can see in my updated post, that they have resigned.

thanks to the link posted above by the anonymous commentator.

Ali said...

I like this station especialy that they play Dance Music, but I always hated the show they play from 1-3 (hosted by 2 dump females)

Hani Obaid said...

Nasim, thanks for confirming the name. It's sad. I hope another station picks them up.

Anonymous said...

you should know that Al Kawn also owns Rotana, Fann and Amen FM..and with Energy it is the biggest media company in Jordan. Energy FM has reached much more than 10% in the market, since the company sells its advertisement slots in packages, people only need to go to one company to put adverts in all kind of radio stations(English, Arabic...)!! It is a success because of its management and not its replacable employees.

nasimjo© said...

anonymous 2:
I know more than you apparently! that Al-Kawn operates those stations (not OWNs them), and its responsible of all the marketing and sales for them.
& alkawn has more than those 10%, and that its actually a market dominant. since its also an agent for other radio stations around (apparently, you don't know that!)!

What i was mentioning here was Energy FM's market share among its own market (as a radio station, not as a media and ads agency) , english speaking stations in Jordan. for all these months only 3 or 4 ads went on its air! and neither did al-kawn invest that much in Energy FM!

You put money, you get money. no money without money. those are the rules of the game my friend!

Ali said...

I've been listening carefuly to Energy since this post and it seems they didn't change the kind of music they play (dance hits). By the way Sunny 105.1 is a nice station as well

nasimjo© said...

well ali, i think that its just the same play list since ramadan started is playing over and over again randomly.

Yes, Sunny 105.1 FM started to go different (this is what it was supposed to be from the beginning) and deeper into their "Feel Good Music" direction. a very smart move

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 2...

I hope you don't work for Al Kawn because any company that toutes the magnificence of its management solely and refers to employees as "very replacable" will never experience loyalty from people who truly would make their company more successful. Very egotistical.

That was a very unfortunate public comment that hurts more than it helps whatever case you were trying to argue.

If you do work for Al Kawn (and aren't one of the owners) heed your own words: you are REPLACABLE! and will probably be treated as such. Even if you have a "management title." If not now, it will happen.

Anonymous said...

to nasim:
yes you are right, they operate not own Fann and Amen, but they do Rotana. And since you are so familiar with this companies success then you should judge them by that, and realize the point i was making that they know what they are doing with this change(changing employees and programs) since they are very familiar with this business then its obvious they are taking necessary steps for success.

to Anonymous...
No i dont work for Al Kawn actually, but i know that i am an employee and I AM replaceable, theres always someone else that can take my job ALWAYS!!(thats how business is) Loyal employees are those that don't screw up, the hosts for energy did screw up BIG TIME!!! They had their chance and they failed...and now they are being replaced by much more experienced employees and hosts. So im sure the management has invested in a more promising line-up of professionals!!

Anonymous said...

Wow #2,
You seem personally offeneded by the old Energy presenters. Tell us, how did they "screw up?"

Also, there is always a chance to be replaced at any job... but that is different than treating your employees as transient, replacable pawns in a bigger game.

Additionally, did you know that most of the old Energy presenters were experienced in radio? It may be the case that the new shows will feature people with a different, more "professional" sound (meaning "stiff") but the sound that the old presenters were going for was laid back, friendly and loose, like much American radio does.

Also, the new manager of Energy FM has experience in radio but apparently as only a DJ. In fact, that person applied to ALL of the local competition just to be a DJ and was not hired by any of them for that small job. It may or may not actually be a "promising line-up of professionals" as you claim. This person is very young, only worked for Virgin in Dubai for under a year and left under mysterious conditions.

Would love to hear your thoughts on all of this because you seem to know a lot about the company and the new staff. You also seem not to know a lot about the old staff.

Adrienne said...

Whoa, guys!

Its been a while since I checked this post out and an industry friend of mine clued me in to the fact that it was getting pretty nasty.

Alright. Lets try to play nice no matter how we all feel about the station(s) in town. We are all entitled to our opinions but lets not hurt the careers of anyone that works here, there or anywhere.

As a former presenter on Energy though, I would like to know how me messed up big time! Was it all of us, some of us or none of us?

Also, Shadia the new Operations Manager for Energy (referred to in the previous post) was hired because of her music knowledge which is extensive. She was originally hired as Music Director and I believe this was a good choice and position for her knowledge, experience and energy (no pun intended) she brought to the position. Where she will take the station from here... only time will tell.



(PS yes, I was the Anonymous that posted the original link to my facebook page, which was obvious since it linked to me... in case anyone was wondering.)

Now... lets all be professional and say what we have to say openly, honestly and constructively. :) I think some people have been trying to stand up for me and my original Energy style but I don't want it to be done in such a publicly nasty way. But, thanks.

nasimjo© said...

Anonymous 2:
they dont operate Amen FM even, they're just their PR and Marketing management, and the Public Police Directorate had some problems with al-kawn at a certain time as well, when Amen FM started their transmission in irbid, and risked loosing that contract. Anyway, not our topic.

Well, Energy FM (as the old one) was doing pretty good in away or another, and doing alot of progress, slow sometimes, rapid other times. but wasn't reaching to a "position" in the market.

Amazingly, I was discussing the case with the manager of 1 of the competitor radio stations in town, & he was saying that he feels "sad" for what happened with energy, because he was liking the shows, and feeling they're doing stuff he "didn't think of"!!! unquoted context.

So i dont think the old energy presenters "Missed up", they got alot of audience, but seems other things were missing up, dunno by who or what, but the station stopped progress at a certain time.

Finally, to Adrienne (or who claims to be )you got me confused, is shadia "Operations Manager" or "Music Director"?!
Cause i know, but wanna see if the you do know!

By the way, for those who don't know, we are talking about Dj Shadia Bseiso, the lady from the "5th Element" a radio show that was once upon a time on Play 99.6

Anonymous said...

Yes i know that they had previous experience in radio...but obviously it was not enough.

Judging by your replies, you seem to be one of the former presenters of Energy??? if you are then i understand your offensive attitude. Its hard to accept the fact that you have failed, in time im sure you'll get over it. someday...

Im not going to say how the old presenters screwed up, im sure that they know that themselves(if they don't then thats just pure ignorance)

DJ Shadia has more knowledge in the music industry of the middle east than any DJ in Jordan. If you read about her you'll see that her achievements are very impressive at such a young age. She will do great, im sure of that...I wish her luck!!

And Adrienne, maybe "American" style does not fit the Jordanian scene...if its American, that doesn't mean its perfect you know??

No one should "feel sad", this is a competitive world and Energy will prove itself in time.

Anonymous said...

sorry i meant that to #1...

Adrienne said...

Hello all! This is getting way too confusing! Anonymous, Anonymous 1, Anonymous 2, etc.

Ok for the record I was the first, first anonymous with a link to my announcement on the Energy group page but only because I couldn't figure out at first how to post my name on here. Now I got it down.

I think I must personally know the other Anonymouses because they both know a lot of details both good and bad. Which is interesting and a bit scary.

It isn't professional to make anyone or any company look bad in a public forum and if you read any postings that I have written before and since I resigned from Energy they are well intentioned and do not insult anyone. I still love my old station. I lived and breathed Energy!

If we are to continue this debate I suggest we play nice. Also, if you want to rise to a more mature level can we get the Anonymouses to post their names? What could it hurt?

Now... one of the Anonymouses claims the presenters "screwed up." This is a very interesting comment that could either mean we didn't do a good job on the air OR it implies more serious accusations. Which doesn't come across nicely. And, that was not the case.

The two shows we had were very, very different in format, topic, style, even vocabulary, so I seriously doubt that this Anonymous is referring to all the Energy presenters. If they are then I would love to know personally what I did on the airwaves so I can avoid such misunderstandings in the future.

Again, this is an open forum and I have faith that this critticism will be delivered with maturity and professionalism. If it wasn't to do with my show, please then specify that so I can stop obsessing. I have been racking my brain as to what I could have said to offend anyone on the air. I personally NEVER got in trouble with the management above me. I was never let go. I resigned for other reasons that I will not go into.

WHEW.... this post is long.... pause.... ok....

As for Anonymous 2 and 3 (I think) yes, your info is correct and I have said this information in other forums so it was no secret. When I was designing the programming I went for "American-style". I was the only "American" presenter. American style has nothing to do with content, music, etc. It is just the idea that the shows have more than one presenter and talk to the audience by interacting with each other... instead of announcing to the listeners. Different style... both are professionally used around the world (not just the U.S.)

It may sound unprepared to the listener but that was the purpose. In fact, it is actually really difficult to do shows like that and requires a lot of research and the guts to go on the air without a script. But, it doesn't mean that this style of programming is better than the solo shows. I just feel there is too much of the same thing here in Jordan and wanted to try something different. Did it work? Yes, with many people... and No for others. Same with any program, anywhere, any style.

So... not sure if I have answered all the questions or not.

Oh... yes DJ Shadia is Operations Manager since being promoted from Music Director. A huge, quick step up for her. What will help to benefit Energy now are many of the changes she is implementing. The sound will be cleaner when it comes to the music because Energy (finally) will be broadcasting out of its own studios.

I, unfortunately, didn't stick around long enough to work out of the beautiful, high tech, comfortable studios that were being built all this time. That alone makes me sad. They are wonderful.

We, (previous Energy peeps) had to work out of a tiny sardine can with no air conditioning and out of date borrowed equipment. Sigh, oh well. Kudos to the new staff who are working from the best of the best when it comes to studios! You guys should see them... AMAZING!

Anything else??? Feel like I'm writing a novel!

Again, remember that I no longer work for Energy so my thoughts and comments do not necessarily reflect that of the management. (disclaimer)

nasimjo© said...

To adrienne:
"We, (previous Energy peeps) had to work out of a tiny sardine can with no air conditioning and out of date borrowed equipment. Sigh, oh well. Kudos to the new staff who are working from the best of the best when it comes to studios! You guys should see them... AMAZING!"

Hmm ,,, interesting!

"I no longer work for Energy so my thoughts and comments do not necessarily reflect that of the management"

Well, this post represented the opinion of a listener, that is me, and a person who knows the jordanian airwaves (as well as alot other ones)... and most of the comments above, just like hani and ali, are listeners who talked out their minds as well. Thus, this is basically a place to exchange thoughts about the case, and we are tackling it like listeners, even if "in-case" someone from the management commented as an anonymous for example. anyone has the right to speak his/her minds here as a listener.

Hani Obaid said...

Is Adrienne the one with the unique laugh or the other on?

I tell you that laugh always put me in the right mood before I went to work :)

Adrienne said...

Hey there... I'm not sure if I have a unique laugh or not.. but if you were on your way to work in the morning I was the only girl on the show... my co-host was Yanal Kassay.

If you are talking about the mid-day show "Lipstick Lunch" there were 3 gals on there. Probably Nathalie or Jen had the unique laugh there.

Thanks for listening to us, by the way! Glad we made your morning!


Hani Obaid said...


I can't listen to the morning show because I don't want to wake up the neighbor's kids (yes it sucks to live in an apartment).

Yes it's Natalie or Jen. I just didn't remember their name and it's hard to describe the sound of a laugh :)

Thanks for answering.