22 September, 2008

Spin FM shows grid .. EXCLUSIVE!

This is EXCLUSIVE guys! only here on n@simjo .. and they're all starting ... today!
I bet the guys from Communicorp will kill me for this :D

Weekdays shows will be:

Breakfast Espresso with Tamer Bataineh: 7-10
Spin@Work (with 100 Spin Hits in a Row! Love it!) with Hasan Hijjawi: 10-16
Zoo Crew with Lena Ghannam (Yup! the Pulp girl!) and Mosaab Mustata: 16-19 (starting after ramadan)

While weekends will have a special grid as well:
The Late Late Breakfast Show with Emile Haddad: 10-13
The Weekender with Tamim Suyyagh: 16-19
The Juice with Hasan Hijjawi (Fridays): 19-22


Adrienne said...

Exciting stuff! Good luck guys! I know a lot of these people and they are really great, down to Earth and very well spoken.

Kudos to them!

Hani Obaid said...

Sorry for writing off topic, but the rradio guide was too confusing to me because it wasn't just for amman, and the format was too difficult, so I did a scan of the stations I pick up from my apartment (between 4th/5th circ.), and got the station names from the radio guide one at a time:

88.0 Amman
88.7 al_madina
89.5 Amen
90.0 Jordan
91.1 Melody
91.5 Ayam
92.0 Mood
92.4 Al-Balad
93.1 Quran
93.7 Nojoum (can't pick this one up)
94.1 Spin
95.3 Mazaj
96.0 (weird sound)
96.3 Jordan
97.1 Ahlen
97.4 Monte Carlo / DW Arabic (at night)
97.7 Energy
98.1 Sawa
98.5 Farah
99.0 Amman
99.6 Play
99.9 Rotana
100.3 Watan
101.5 Al-Ghad
102.1 Fann
102.5 Beat
103.1 BBC
104.2 Fann
104.7 Hayat
105.1 sawt Amman
105.9 Hawa
106.7 Jordan

2 comments, what's with 93.7 Nojoum ? Is that still on the air ? I don't pick that up.

oh and what's the funny noise on 96.0, it's like they're blocking a station or something.

nasimjo© said...

adrienne: yes they are.

Hani, well, my radio guide is a bit outdated.. and i know its messy a bit ... its been a coupla months since i want to move that here on this blog. but i'm not having time for that ... i promise i'll do so ... before the end of the year :)

Yes you got all of them right. except that the station on 105.1 FM is called Sunny 105.1 (whose story is here)

the station on 93.7 FM plays non stop arabic music, and doesnt have its name decleared, i got the name using an RDS device.

on 96.0 FM is a jewish radio station

Hani Obaid said...

thank you very much

nasimjo© said...

& by the way, i discovered that what's above is just .... PART of the entire programs grid ... this what leaked out only :D

so Spin FM mainly had more shows from the 1st day than all the other radio stations around!

Ali said...

I started listening to Spin since yesterday but I haven't heard anything so far that I like, Ill give it a a few days before i change my dial

nasimjo© said...

well ali.

most of the shows will be starting after eid
at the time being only "Breakfast Espresso with Tamer Bataineh: 7-10 AM in weekdays" and "Spin@Work with DJ Hassan 10-16 on weekdays" are ON.

and by the way, i will update the grid soon :)
this is just half of it :)

Nadine said...

Excellent! I love the radio junkie in you - I don't do TV and do lot of radio so ur blogs and updates fantastic!

nasimjo© said...

Thanks nadine :)
Liked the "radio junkie" expression :P