01 September, 2008

Radio Guide Update: Ayyam FM on 91.5 FM in Amman

Ayyam FM, the communicorp arabic station in jordan, which was 1st decleared as Spin Arabia from the long waited Communicorp presence in Jordan, started broadcasting today on 91.5 FM in the Greater Amman Area. and is soon to broadcast in other areas around jordan.

Apparently, Ayyam FM will be some sort of an arabic hit music station, playing all the latest arabic hits and varieties.

Also about the sister station Spin Jordan


Odai said...

Ayyam FM and Spin Jordan are broadcasting on Nilesat too.

nasimjo© said...

Odai, yes!
they are using it to feed their frequencies in Irbid and Ma'an.



Anonymous said...

Just like Mazaj 95.3 for their Amman and Irbid feed