01 September, 2008

Radio Guide Update: Spin FM Jordan also in Irbid and Ma'an

Spin FM Jordan, which started broadcasting today in Amman on 94.1 FM. has also started broadcasting in irbid and northern Jordan on 88.3 FM. and in Ma'an and Petra on 88.5 FM.

By that, Spin FM becomes the 1st ever private western music station that gets a broadcasting license outside the capital Amman. and the 1st one to broadcast in the northern city of irbid, which has been suffering from the lack of a western hit music station, despite the rich market expected for such a station in a city full of campus students and western music lovers.


Omar said...

Congratulations to Spin Jordan, but lots of people including me have found that Sunny Fm which is the ex-new station in Jordan is the real Good Music Deal on radio..

Last thing, please while posting news, try to use proper grammar, it is more professional they say!

nasimjo© said...

Omar, we are talking about 2 different geners of radio stations here, Sunny 105.1 is mainly oriented towards 30+ aged people, while Spin Jordan will be a hit music station.

haha, sorry for the lingo, this was posted in less than a coupla minutes :P