22 September, 2008

Spin FM Jordan starts talking!

Spin FM Jordan, and in less than 1 month from starting, Spin FM debuts its 1st radio show on air!

"The Spin Morning Espresso!" is now on AIR! with .... guess who! Yes,!!! the man with the master plan, the crazy morning guy: TAMER BATAINEH! Weekdays 7-10 AM

Yes! he is doing all his crazyness on air!
Yes! he is playing ALTERNATIVE MUSIC on AIR! and even, new HITS from those geners of music (some no one in jordan is playing!)
Yes! Tamer Batayneh is on the jordanian airwaves again :)


Adrienne said...

Tamer is awesome! I wanted him on my show once upon a time. I bet he will be great!

Good luck Tams!

Carmen said...

how can I do to listen to spin 103.8 by internet????

nasimjo© said...

Carmen, this is Spin Jordan we are talking about: www.spin.jo
not spin irland :P