21 August, 2008

The Shashati Show

The Shashati Show, this coming saturday, August 24th at the citadel. Short movies, music, and more!


Maha said...

is this a break away group from the royal film commission? the names seem to be former employees or contractors of the rfc.

the state of jordanian cinema is so pathetic. i keep seeing the same films again and again and again. i have seen the short film Bedoism 100 times now. and the new films are crap. what's up with that? the lebanese filmmakers made over 50 shorts last year. you will be lucky to see those films after the second year of production. but here in jordan it's all the same films year after year. what's wrong with us? i mean what's the excuse? there are so many free movie making workshops in jordan and it seems everyone has a video camera. unless there are talents but they are unable to reach the general audiences because of the usual reasons of wasta and shellah and other destructive factors that seem to always subvert any progress in jordan.

Rashaad said...

Hmmmmm! why did they spoof the name of a popular Palestinian cinema club? That's not polite.


Gemineye said...

Dear Peeps,

1 - We're not a breakaway group from the RFC - we're an independent organization dedicated to supporting Arab filmmakers. Through our website (www.shashati.tv), we've created a podium for filmmakers from across the region to show off their work.

2 - We're screening three short films that have never been shown in Jordan, including "Wonderful World" (which is screening for the first time ever!), which is a 25 minute musical.

3 - As for our name, well, we don't mean to "spoof" anyone - in fact we are in contact with Shashat and they love our name :).

4 - Come to our show! We're showing a Lebanese short film too..!

5 - "The state of Jordanian Cinema is pathetic.." - well, at least they're doing something, so let's support the filmmakers so they can make better films!