13 October, 2008

Al-Wakeel playing Hummam Ammari's "SubarStar" :)

Despite the fact that Hummam Ammari's latest funny song, "Jordanian SubarStar", which is a funny arabic remake of the famous Nickelback song "Rockstar", was produced by Play 99.6. & was made available by them through a post on their blog for public download. This song wasn't even aired by Play 99.6 fully on the airwaves, and only promoted with a small snap it of the song. most probably due to the "genre differences in the music style" :D

Anyway, just minutes away this morning, The famous radio announcer Mohammad Al-Wakeel, played the song on his show on Radio Fann :) as well the original one ... and he concentrated on the fragment of song where hummam says:
"بدي أطلع الصبح عبرنامج الوكيل"
Followed of course by Al-Wakeel's famous laugh :D

& we can say that it was 1st to be aired on Radio Fann, even before Play :D

For those who didn't hear it yet, it available for public download HERE

While the lyrics are available by R0ba on her blog with a nice analysis attempt :)


Diana said...

well apparently humam will be even more famous through this song lol since elwakeel aired it !
i only want to emphasize here that humam is a very talented local artist check out his website ( raincrash.com) and im a huge fan of his work :)
i hope for those who dont know humam wont take a wrong impression about him lol

nasimjo© said...

Totally agree diana,

this move seems to get to a wider range of people, and can be an entry for more work towards this new range