22 October, 2008

Urban Beats debutes today on Beat FM

Urban Beats, is a new Hip Hop, Rap & R'n'B show that is to debut tonight on Beat FM.

The show, which will be LIVE every wednesday from 9-11 PM (in contrast with Beat FM's Rock N Jordan), is hosted by DJ SOTUSURA, a Palestinian MC, Rapper, and DJ living in Jordan.

So finally, the Jordanian radio market is starting to MOVE and SHAKE! we are starting to hear different things on Western radio stations here in jordan, more shows, more entertainment, and a heavier competition.

Its amazing how it took the market to get jammed with 7 stations (out of which is from an international group), along with the public state english-speaking radio. to get more action in it!


Nido said...

I still say, I never get to lsn to evening shows anywhere anymore:(

Moey said...

I love beat fm :)