08 October, 2008

Finally! a ROCK Music show on a Jordanian Radio!

Rock N Jordan, on Beat FM 102.5! is, Finally!, the 1st Rock Music Radio Show on a commercial radio station in Jordan.

After we grew up on a heavy doze of Rock and Metal music back in time on Radio Jordan 96.3 FM's "Late Night Rock" every Wednesday for 4 entire hours before midnight. and after the show went off air and back on air several times with "Rania The Queen of Rock" (this is how we used to name her), and Laith Shankiti along with Zaid Al-Dahabi. We are now suffering a total lack of this music genre on the Jordanian Airwaves, nor on Radio Jordan 96.3 FM nor any other commercial radio.

So ... Rock N Jordan will premier on Beat FM 102.5 next Tuesday October 14th starting 9 PM. It will serve the listeners with 2 hours of the world's best Rock and Indie tracks. The style will include Rock, Pop Rock, Indie Rock, and Acoustic Rock.

Rock N Jordan WAS hosted at the beginning by BBC TV and Radio presenter Andy May. Until November the 4th, when was his last show (Maybe his 1st attempt to have a radio show for a non-UK radio station). Hoping that the show will be done by a Jordanian rock talent, like if we dont have 100s here!

I also received information confirming that Beat FM is interested in featuring Jordan's local talents' tracks on the show.... so, who knows! send one of your songs to demos@mybeat.fm (The email is provided on the website as well) and maybe they will be featuring your music on the show!


Samer Marzouq said...

Beat FM is getting really great, but for the Rock show, I guess it should be daily!

Moey said...

great thing!

The Miner said...

Good for you Jordanian kiddos!

Joe said...

there used to be a metal show but they stopped it, can't remember what station though, I think it was Mood 92.00 FM! I hope they wont stop this too, it's really nice!