27 October, 2008

Jordan's Radio Guide moved to this blog

Finally I managed to have the Jordanian Airwaves radio guide moved to this blog, after over 3.5 years of running it on a stupid green sticky page :D

The Jordanian Radio Guide will be available from now on through this link:
The guide has suffered a nice makeover, and more options will hopefully be available gradually soon.

The radio guide updates are of course still available on
http://nasimjo.blogspot.com/search/label/Radio Guide Update


Diana said...

Well Done Nasim:)

Though im already missing the green and yellow page lol

nasimjo© said...

Thanks :)
No way to return back to the green and yellow page, if you get to access it, you will find the new page from this blog inserted in it.

Diana said...

ehhehehe yeah i was joking!
its only because we got used to that color combination:p

Again GD Job:)