05 October, 2008

The 5th Element, back on Energy FM

The 5th element, the one and only Hip Hop, Rap, and R'n'B radio show in the middle eastern region, by Dj Shadia. is back to the Jordanian airwaves after it came out from Jordan on Play 99.6, and was stopped earlier last November 2007.

The 5th Element with DJ Shadia is back on Energy FM, at the same times as it used to be, Monday Evenings from 9 PM.

The show is also being aired on Mix FM Syria, and still airs on Radio 1 Lebanon.


Ali said...

Though Im not a hip hop fan, but it's cool to have a jordanian DJ in the airways of Lebanon and Syria, okbal ma sier 3enna House and Dance Channel!

nasimjo© said...

Yes ali, we are indeed in need of more "Genre specific radios" both arabic and western.

as for you a Dance and house radio, I recomment Vibe FM from Romania until we get one here :)

Ali said...

My favourite was power 93.3 FM in Miami but then it was shut down