29 November, 2008

Classic Music back on the Jordanian airwaves

I don't want to say "finally", since i discovered this show on Radio Jordan English Service by mistake several weeks ago, but well, later better than never, we do have an hour of "Classic Music" weekly on the Jordanian airwaves!

With all this jam of radio stations on the jordanian airwaves, we don't have a single radio station providing us with "Classical Music", Back in April 2007 we had a potential of having a radio station playing this type of music on the airwaves, but the station turned to be, at the end of the story, Sunny 105.1 FM, a Hot AC station.

Thank god Radio Jordan's english service, took the duty of playing classic music after the continuous revolutions we had in it, especially after we used to have the french service airing over 5-6 hours of it daily, and utilizing the big classic music collection it has with a weekly show, which is being aired at 11 PM on Thursday nights.

The show, which i never heard a title for, is quite interesting, as there is a man telling us about the piece of music with all the tiny musical details before airing the musical piece.
The show lasts mostly for about an hour, but sometimes more, depending on the played piece's length. so don't get surprised if at a certain moment of silence, you get Rihanna singing! its just that the show has ended!

The classic music show broadcasting on radio jordan is called "Nocturne", and its prepared and presented by Tariq Younes, along with another couple of classic music shows:
"Fortisimo": Tuesdays 1-2 pm
"Jordanesque": Wednesdays 6-7 pm


Cynthia said...

Hi Nasim...
Radio Jordan has added Classical music in 3 dimensions
Fortisimo...Tuesday 1-2 pm
Jordanesque wednesday :6-7 pm
Nocturne Thursday 11 pm
the guy hosting it is called Tareq Younes..very much involved in the classical music scene and a composer in his own right
glad to hear you are enjoying it.
Cynthia Latrash..radio jordan

nasimjo© said...

Thanks Cynthia for the comment,

its good to know that there are even THREE classic music shows on radio jordan, i remember i tuned in once between 1-2 and heard classic music, but i didnt know it was a show, i thought its just something random since in other days there is regular music playing.

Again, we are back to the point i mentioned regarding the grid organization , as well as the promotion for those shows.

Yes, I mentioned that the guy is pretty professional, but its good to know who is he in particular from you :)