02 November, 2008

Does the TRC care only about licensing!

Thats an Open Question after the fact that Ministry of Trade announced it WILL NOT allow Mobile companies to charge 1 piaster/ SMS report as its illegal, while ALL the 3 GSM Mobile companies, Umniah, Zain and Orange simply kept ignoring that and CHARGING that extra piaster starting October 29th!

interesting is the fact that no comment from the TRC is out yet on this! and the companies are still charging

Can they, the TRC, tell us, the mobile telecom users, whats their point of view from this! will the TRC get our money back!? will it 1st of all try to stop the telecom companies from getting this piaster, as the companies are still getting it!


RS said...

I can't believe that the government have said they cannot do this and yet they still do..... Are they above the law?

The Ministry should stop this.

Plus i have not been told by Zain that they will do this, so... surely they cannot start charging me if they have not informed their customers?

nasimjo© said...

well RS, Zain announced that, as well as the other 2 companies, in a 1 DAY 10cm X 10cm monochrome announcement in the newspaper