12 November, 2008

BBC DJ quits Beat FM's rock show!

Last Night, Beat FM's rock show "Rock N Jordan" witnessed a change, the show is not presented by the BBC presenter Andy May anymore, and is now presented as a LIVE show (instead of being recorded all the way from the UK), by Rob Stevens and Dana Hjazeen. same time, tuesdays 9-11 PM.

Quite an improvement in style, show quality (content and sound), and interactivity, since it was live.

This comes of course after less than 1 month of having BBC's Andy May presenting the show, and having Andy quitting the duty of doing this show due to problems that seemed to be between Andy and the management at Beat FM.

I was wondering from the beginning on the reason behind having a DJ doing a recorded show from abroad by a non-residence DJ, especially when the resource is already available locally.

Finally, I got a clue that a Jordanian DJ will be doing the show entirely withing the next couple of weeks, wondering if yesterday's co-host, Dana, will be the one taking over the show


Raad Kawar said...

That's right Nasim, we noticed that Rock N Jordan's direction is not going the way we planned for although we tried with Andy over 3 weeks, so we decided to to move on and continue the show with another presenter to deliver more of the music our listeners love and want to hear.

Rob is temporarily presenting the show until we find a local talent who is a good presenter, rock fan and passionate about music and Beat FM 102.5. If anyone thinks he or she is the right person to fill this position, then they're welcome to contact us and send your CV to rock@mybeat.fm

It was a pleasure working with a talented presenter like Andy, but we had to take this step to improve Rock N Jordan.

Haitham al-sheeshany said...

a very good step ...

go go rock fans.

dana will be a very good candidate for the seat i blv.