05 November, 2008

How to implement a "startreck" technology!

• 35 HD cameras pointed at the subject in a ring
• Different cameras shoot at different angles (like the matrix), to transmit the entire body image
• Cameras being hooked up to the cameras in home base in NY, synchronizing the angles so perspective is right
• Infrared communication
• A 37-inch plasma where the return feed of the combined images are fed back. Useful for a misplaced hair or an unseemly boogar!
• Twenty "computers" are crunching this data in order to make it usable...

and the Result ....LIVE On CNN ... tataaan!

Amaaaazing ... for real!

More on Gizmodo ... in order to know exactly how it all worked! (text above is qouted from Gizmodo)

You can also get to see Cisco's "Musion System" Hologram in this Video

Also from andfaraway.net


Hani Obaid said...

I'm as excited as you are, and yet disappointed it took so many cameras and computers to do. In Star Trek (not Startreck :P) they claim all you need is a single holo-camera, and all the computing power is built-in. Of course NASA is still flying glorified washing machines, so I shouldn't get my hopes up that high :)

nasimjo© said...

hani ... I know why i called it "startreck" :P

RS said...


I'm Like Princess Layla! LOL

I want one for Christmas!