05 November, 2008


Ten reasons on why you can listen to Spin Jordan!

1- Its "Like it is"!

2- It has a FULL complete coverage for all the areas of Amman on 94.1 FM, unlike all the other western music radio stations who get to have a problem in an area or another.

3- Its the 1st western music station broadcasting out of Amman, the 1st western music radio station to broadcast in Irbid on 88.3, the 1st western music radio station to broadcast in Petra on 88.5 FM, & the 1st western music radio station to broadcast in Aqaba pretty soon! and not to forget on Nilesat!

4- It has THE BEST sound quality jordanian radio EVER witnessed!

5- It has LIVE shows covering your entire day! with over 12 hours of LIVE shows daily

6- Its the 1st western music radio station to get you entertained during the weekends with live shows, and not only repeating redundant music!

7- It Gives you money just because you are listening :) just like in the 10000 JD triple play!

8- It has Tamer Bataineh in the morning with his Breakfast Espresso! The only Jordanian DJ on a privately owned western music radio station in Jordan. with 100% jordanian craziness! followed by 100 spin hits in a row making you sacrifise to listen while you're at work.

9- It has an hour by hour at the top the hour update of REAL-TIME & "Like it is" 5 word weather. something understandable for the people!

10- It might bring you up some SPINIs as well! who knows!

SPIN Jordan ... Like it is :)


RS said...

Are you on their payroll?

nasimjo© said...

no im not ... I just do appreciate Well-done work!

maybe they didnt even read this

Sarah said...

We are reading your blogs and really appreciating your enthusiasm! Thanks Nasim! :)

Spin Jordan | www.spin.jo
Ayyam FM | www.ayyamfm.jo

Ali Alhasani said...

Don't forget that they're the only station that dares to play rock and metal music on air, And it's the only station that has a 3 hour rock show that is dedicated to all rock/metal fans in jordan, This is why i love it.